About Us

From start to finish Ankawa Logistics, LLC makes sure client shipments arrive safely and on time.

Our Story

In the bustling world of freight logistics, Ankawa Logistics, LLC emerged as a beacon of efficiency and reliability. 

With their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, they conquered complex supply chains, delivering goods worldwide, and forging lasting partnerships. 

As their fleet traversed continents, Ankawa Logistics redefined the art of seamless cargo management, becoming an industry leader admired by all.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize the trucking industry by delivering simple, smarter & sustainable solutions to carriers & shippers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in the trucking dispatch industry by providing innovative solutions.

Our Passion

We believe in maintaining a safe & secure workplace that provides everyone equal opportunities to succeed.

Why Do Fleet Owners Choose
Ankawa Logistics, LLC

Ankawa Logistics has a solid reputation in the truck dispatching industry. We quickly established ourselves as a top load planning, logistics, and dispatching organization, assisting our clients’ successful commercial endeavors. All of the carriers and shippers with whom we work are given our undivided attention and utmost priority. Our skilled dispatchers make every effort to match you with the commodities that will pay the most to our consumers.


We go above and beyond to make sure that we exceed the expectations of our customers.


We bring to the table the ability to think ahead & innovate in today’s dynamic world.


Transparency is the core of our operations. We are fully transparent in our dealings with our clients.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

From start to finish Ankawa Logistics makes sure client shipments arrive safely and on time.